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History: Created in 2000, Zebaze Escort Service has set head quarters in Paris, France.

Goals: Intensely committed to serving our customers honestly, we have achieved catering an international clientele in their search for luxurious, pleasurable companions: it be organizing escort services with local models in their city of residence, or travel assignments. Curious? Click here to view our escort models Gallery.

Achievement: With a determined, goal-orientated and confident management, our escort services have extensively expanded over the years too many other European cities. Besides Brussels / Antwerp, we mainly collaborate with local escort models in Paris, Amsterdam & Frankfurt. Popular travel destinations are the French, -Italian & -Spanish Riviera, Rome, London, Vienna, Zurich & Madrid. Transatlantic assignments are mainly requested in Qatar, Dubai and sometimes even the USA.


You are the most important person, always: We stray away from the standard approach and take pride in treating every guest as an individual.

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