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high-class escorts - Julia
Age Mid 20's
Languages English, French
Height 1m60 (5' 4
Dress size 36
Lingerie 90 C
Hair Blond
Eyes Brown
Resides in Paris
Perfume Lolita Lempicka
Flowers Roses, orchids
Clothing Roberto Cavalli, Vanessa Bruno
Lingerie Aubade, Victoria's secret
Drinks Wine, champaign
Cuisine Thai, Italian
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Introducing Julia

  • If you fancy the 'petite' type of model, Julia is an excellent match. This Barbie girl likes to dress up, seduce & flirt, wear sexy lingerie, and basically have lots of fun. She is active in the fashion and beauty industry and always tries to look her best. Have you ever thought of having a manicure by the hands of a tender, sexy young woman, dressed in a more ‘revealing’ way than one is used to? 

  • Julia is incredibly sweet and softly spoken. Everything about her is gentle. For Julia, live is beautiful, and that’s what makes her a beautiful person too. It doesn’t matter what day it is, Julia’s always smiling. She is uplifting, generous, naughty, playful, …

  • Julia is French, fluent in English & French. She smokes, but will not if requested. She’s also quite often in NY.

Escort model Julia - Testimonials

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  • Feedback: My date with Julia was very fun, she was a very nice lady. Many thanks for your organization and her kind hospitality.
  • Feedback: The experience with Julia was very positive. We took a few minutes to identify eachother in the bar, but once we were sitting down at the same table we seemed to get on very well. Time with her was very agreable and I think enhanced by the fact that we had got on well in the bar. She's a nice looking girl, with a lovely figure - as a person she is kind, open-minded and uncomplicated. We had quite some time to spare so she offered me a massage which was very pleasant. She does have a good sense of service. ... the experience with Julia - very nice and I plan to book some time again with her in the future.
  • Feeback: Julia is a lovely lady and an absolute pleasure to spend time with. She really tries her best to please you.
  • Florence / Tuscany: Our second meeting was even better than the first. I rarely see the same lady several times, except when I really feel good with her. Julia is exceptionally sweet, nice and 'spicy'. It's a pleasure to dine with her in any restaurant, we had dinner and lunch together in two totally different restaurants: the first day we want to an 'elegant' restaurant for fish, the second day we went to the same restaurant as I went with you last December, for some good Tuscany food. My friends said that she's a rare beauty... What more needs to be said, besides the fact Julia is my princess...
  • Feedback on Julia: She is just wonderful. Such a lovely person. Very funny, interesting, intelligent. Also very genuine with a beautiful and sexy French accent. And of course, so beautiful with an amazing body. Short and sweet and cute. Somewhere there is a lucky guy who will end up with her for the rest of his life. Lucky guy indeed.
  • Jerez, Spain: Julia is really attractive and good looking. She can also be with you as your girl if you are in a conference or similar. She is warm and likes to be affectionate. Enjoy. Her english and french are very fluent.
  • Escort: This was a very special occasion made all the more pleasant by Julia. She was very prompt, courteous, most friendly and above all relaxed and comfortable. She is a great communicator and will always give me fond memories of a beautiful companion sharing some special time and evoking feelings of a more relaxed care free past that seem to disappear from our busy lives. It was fun and we did have a great time, I will always think we both got something from our encounter.
  • Brussel. Belgium: Incredibly sweet. She is really a nice woman, much more than 'an escort'. I really enjoyed my time with her and I hope that she feels as good as I do. Her best characteristic is her sweetness: believe me, she knows perfectly how to transform a guest into a prince... probably because she's a princess.